First-rate skilled and managerial opportunities - your career with KSG

Our employees are our most important asset. With us, that's no empty promise but a living conviction. We see ourselves as a family business - and we treat each other accordingly. show our employees a high level of esteem - a commitment one can sense. And a commitment that pays off. Because our employees gladly return this commitment - for the good of the entire company.

Since re-privatisation KSG has grown steadily. This upward trend will continue. And we will also be taking on first-class engineers, management and specialists in the future. The reasons for this are our continuing growth but also our age structure. Over the next 4 to 8 years, approx. 60 employees will be retiring. This offers numerous opportunities for a career start - for specialists with the most diverse qualifications and attractive management positions.

Our current job offers and vacant positions can be found at here

After a successful familiarisation period or a completed Vocational training or Courses of study you will be integrated into our yearly advanced training programme. We will support you in this not only with job-related advanced training but also with day-release studies for technician or industrial foreman - your chance for a career advancement.

Beyond this we offer 6-monthly training modules as programmer for CAM processing our customer data. Furthermore, all employees are entitled to avail themselves of the various facilities on offer: PC training, fitness and nutrition courses in addition to sight training are scheduled regularly. That's because the well-being of our employees is close to our hearts - we want all those around us to feel good.

Finding and keeping good people – that is a task of the future which affects everyone in Saxony. Which is why we support the “Heimat für Fachkräfte” campaign (Homeland for skilled specialists).