In collaboration with nature: our environmental and energy policy

We are conscious of the fact that our production processes have an impact on our environment - and more so because we, as a company rich in 138 years of tradition are active in the beautiful Erzgebirge landscape which is unique in the whole of Germany. Which is why it is a particularly heartfelt concern of ours to preservation and protect our homeland - also in the interests of future generations.

Environmental protection and efficiency of resources are therefore among our most important company remits.

We consider it our duty to implement measures for the ongoing improvement of our environmental performance and energy efficiency. We aim to reduce our environmental impact in terms of emissions, effluents and waste as well as our energy consumption to the absolute minimum, now and in the future. As technology advances and as the evidence for climate change becomes irrefutable, these are the legitimate expectations not only of our customers but also of our employees and the general public. The targets we set ourselves go above and beyond those stipulated by legal and regulatory requirements.

The following principles accompany us along this path.

  • We plan, construct and operate our plant to the latest engineering state of the art. We develop new technologies and optimise existing production sequences always paying heed to maximum protection of the environment and efficient energy utilisation for our processes.

  • With the introduction of new plants and technologies we already evaluate and take account of their environmental relevance in good time as well as the energy and resource efficiency.

  • We utilise all technical and commercial options to prevent emissions, to keep waste accumulations as low as possible, to minimise water pollution through our sewage and to guarantee at all times the safe handling of hazardous substances.

  • We consider environmental protection and sustainable energy and the sustainable deployment of resources to be the remit of all employees. The company leadership in particular provides for the motivation to play an active part in the configuration of the operational environment and energy management. The sense of responsibility is thus increased at all levels.

  • We regularly optimise our in-house emergency management in order to be even better prepared for unexpected events.

  • We motivate our customers and suppliers to adopt our principles in environmental protection as well as in energy and resource management and also to progressively substitute hazardous substance.

  • We cooperate closely with the competent authorities and take concerns and suggestions from the neighbourhood seriously.
  • We ensure, through a functioning environment and energy management that environmental protection as well as energy and resource efficiency is practiced. Internal audits show potentials as to how the existing system can be continuously improved. The means necessary for this is secured by taking commercial aspects into account.

Since our environmental certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 we practice an integrated management system to demonstrate that the good quality of our products and environmentally friendly, sustainable economics are not excluded but rather enhanced. With the introduction of energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 we are making a further important contribution to the efficient utilisation of natural resources.

Our download area contains:

  • Environmentally sound product responsibility (life cycle assessment)
  • General statement on REACH
  • General statement on RoHS / China RoHS
  • General statement on conflict minerals


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