High Density Interconnected ( HDI circuits )

HDI stands for High Density Interconnected. This concerns structures from four levels upwards. These products are built up sequentially (SBU). The different levels are connected to each other by means of interlayer connections from level to level according to the layout. The connection is through blind holes and/or buried interlayer connections. HDI circuits are used in complex redistribution of components.

NOTE: The structures and design rules illustrated here are the most frequently occurring layer structures. We are also happy to manufacture circuit boards for you with deviating requirements.

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HDI multilayer, 6 layers - [1+4+1]

HDI multilayer, 8 layers - [1+6+1]

HDI multilayer, 8 layers - [2+4+2]

HDI multilayer, 8 layers - [4+4]