• 22nd July 1878


    Establishment of the craft business C. A. Uhlmann
    The first socks produced on the home farm.

  • by 1945


    The C.A. Uhlmann KG stocking factories

    Graced the letterhead: graphic panorama of the company site in 1926.
    The company villa is in the background.

  • by 1972


    C. A. Uhlmann, a private enterprise in the GDR
    A milestone in the company's history: start of the circuit board production, 1959.

  • by 1990


    State combine KSG
    Characterises the first impression of the factory to this day: the frontage of the grey building in 1970.

  • by 1994


    Treuhand (state trust holding) enterprise

  • 1st April 1994

    Fabrik 2008-610

    Company restored to the founding family

  • 2006

    Jubiläum Festveranstaltung

    50 years of electronics production

  • 2007


    Foundations laid for a new production facility

  •  2008


    Production start-up at the new, ultra-modern production facility

  • 2010


    For the first time - over 500 employees
    Congratulations to the time-served skilled personnel. (from left to right Toni Krauß, Ariane Berndt, Martin Claus, instructors Anita Bartels, Susanne Uhlig, Lutz Lange, Jacob Bochmann and Eileen Graubner (not pictured))

  • 2011


    Automotive turnover doubled