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Margret Gleiniger,
Chair of the KSG Board of Management

Margret Gleiniger, born 1962, studied in the area of mechanical engineering and first worked as assistant to the director of production in the former VEB Kontaktbauelemente und Spezialmaschinenbau in Gornsdorf after graduating in 1984.
In the course of the restructuring process she assumed the area of controlling and central administration in 1990. Margret Gleiniger has been a member of the company management since 1990 and company procurator since 1994. Mrs Gleiniger has been a joint shareholder since 2003 and Commercial Managing Director since October 2008. Since January 2016 Margret Gleiniger heads the company as managing director. Since November 2018 she is the CEO of KSG GmbH, Gornsdorf and Gars. 

Since 2003 Mrs Gleiniger collaborates with several regional committees for the improvement of cooperation between the economy and schools.
In March 2010 she was appointed to ambassador for the Erzgebirge within the scope of an initiative of the Erzgebirge economic development.


  • Member of the regional board of the Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland e.V. (German Economic Council)
  • Since 2014 member of the regional jury of the Saxon State Ministry of Education`s quality label for "Berufs- und Studienorientierung" (vocational and study orientation) given to Saxon schools
  • Since 2017 elected representative in the plenary and the regional assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Chemnitz
  • Member of the Advisory Board, East Region, Commerzbank AG since 01.07.2017
  • Member of the Advisory Board, East Region, HDI Globel SE since 01.01.2019


Ralph Fiehler,
Head of R & D

Ralph Fiehler was born in Cottbus in 1963. In 1991 he successfully concluded his technical school studies as mechanical engineer. His career development lead him via the most diverse leading positions (Head of Mechanical Production, Head of Quality Management) with FUBA Printed Circuits GmbH in Dresden to KSG Leiterplatten GmbH in 2002. Here, he is responsible for the specialist areas of research and development, production technology, process planning /CAM and investment implementation.
Ralph Fiehler has been a company procurator since 2016.


  • Member of the program commission of the GMM symposium for electrical assemblies and circuit boards


Holger Bönitz, Head of Quality Management

Following his apprenticeship as technician for electrical installation, Holger Bönitz, born 1965, studied electrical engineering from 1987 to 1991 at the present-day Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. After successfully concluding his studies, Mr Bönitz worked until 1997 in various management positions for the FUBA Group (amongst other things as quality manager on the joint venture with Videoton in Hungary or as quality manager, assembly in Osterode). Thereafter he switched to Gemac GmbH for two years and worked there as Head of Electronic Production.

Since 1999 Holger Bönitz has been Head of Quality Management at KSG Leiterplatten GmbH and is responsible here for the quality management system, quality controls, quality planning, complaint management as well as laboratory and reliability testing.

Holger Bönitz is the auditor (TS 16949/14001) for the German Society for Quality.


  • Head of the working group on quality in the ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V) PCB and electronic systems
  • Collaboration with the working group IMDS/E&E/PVB in the ZVEI
  • Collaboration with the working group Core Team IMDS in the ZVEI
  • Collaboration with the working group Component cleanliness in the ZVEI
  • Speaker for Zestron and for series of seminars by hdt


Claudia Schnitzler,
Head of Financial Controlling

Claudia Schnitzler was born in Jena in 1968 and studied business economics with mechanical engineering at the Chemnitz Technical University. She began her career with KSG Leiterplatten GmbH in the year 2000. Since 2002 Claudia Schnitzler has been responsible for the company controlling and has been a company procurator since 2010.


Matthias Stickel,
Head of Operations

Matthias Stickel, born 1972 in Sindelfingen, studied precision engineering /mechatronics at the Technical College in Esslingen.

Subsequent to his activity as development engineer with Robert Bosch GmbH, Matthias Stickel was employed at Multek from 2000 to 2013 in various functions. Besides heading the various production areas and the development department in the Böblingen work, he carried the responsibility as “Director of Technology and Development” and member of the company management for the introduction and transfer of technologies between the Multek factories worldwide.

As Head of Operations, Mr Stickel has been responsible for the PCB production, process control and production technology since July 2013.

Since 2014 Matthias Stickel has been a company procurator.


Thomas May,
Commercial Manager

Thomas May, born 1965, studied accounting and statistics at the University of Leipzig. In 1989 Mr May began to work for KSG Leiterplatten GmbH as Head of Finance for the first time. Later he became Head of the liquidatig/run-off company and left KSG in 1994.
Between 2004 and 2012 Thomas May worked as commercial manager for Deutsche Solar AG in Freiberg and in the corporate auditing of SolarWorld AG. From 2013 to September 2015 Mr May was employed at NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH + Co KG Brand Erbisdorf as Head of Human Resources and Administration. Mr May returned to KSG Leiterplatten GmbH in October 2015, where he assumed the commercial management.


Ronny Genz,
Head of IT

Following his apprenticeship as specialist electrical technician, Ronny Genz, born 1969, studied electrical engineering with a major in automation at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.
Since 1997 Ronny Genz has been working for KSG Leiterplatten GmbH, initially as Head of CAM department. In this position he was responsible for the organisation and further development of the CAM data processing as well as the networking and data connection between all production centers.
In 2007 Mr Genz became - at first additionally and since 2015 exclusively - Head of IT department and has been responsible for all strategic and operational IT issues of the company.


Yvonne Oestreich,
Head of Purchasing

Yvonne Oestreich, born 1984, studied business economics with a major in trade from 2006 to 2009 at the Staatliche Studienakademie Plauen/ University of Cooperative Education after completing her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. After graduating successfully, she joined KSG Leiterplatten GmbH in 2010 and worked for purchasing department. In 2018 Mrs. Oestreich became Head of Purchasing/ Procurement and is responsible for the areas procurement, stock keeping and waste management.


Andrea Mehner,
Head of order processing center

Andrea Mehner, born in 1958, received a diploma degree in economics from Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Starting as a sales representative, Ms. Mehner has been working at KSG Leiterplatten GmbH for more than 12 years. In 2015, she took over responsibility for Key Account Management. Since 01.08.2018 Ms. Mehner is the head of KSG´s Order Processing Center.


Swen Klöden,
Plant Manager

Mr. Klöden, born in 1972, completed his vocational training as electrician before he began his business studies at the Hochschule Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences with focus on logistics and production management. After successful graduation in 1997, he started his professional career at Brose Fahrzeugteile in Meerane. Other stations such as TAKATA, WEIDPLAS and GRAMMER finally took him to KSG in 2018. Mr. Klöden has got 15 years of experience in managing factories with different technologies.

Portrait_quadrat_Steininger (7).jpg

Harald Steininger,
Head of sales

In his function as head of sales, Harald Steininger, born in 1959, is responsible for sales orientation of KSG since 01.08.2018. After completing his vocational training as advertising technician, Mr. Steininger graduated at HTL Maschinenbau in Wien in 1986. Afterwards he joined Häusermann GmbH as process technician before changing to the sales department later. In 2000, Mr. Steininger became Head of Sales at Häusermann GmbH. In this position he established, amongst other things, the export business.