All for one and one for all

For us, dealing responsibly with the company and the people around us goes without saying. We are passionate supporters of the following projects:

  • Mozartkinder, Sächsische Mozart-Gesellschaft e.V., Chemnitz
  • The Adam Ries competition
  • Children and youth organisations:
    Jugendclub Gornsdorf
    CVJM Silberzeche Auerbach e.V.
  • Workshop for the handicapped
  • Handicapped judoka in the Chemnitz police sports organisation
  • Gornsdorf/Auerbach fire brigade
  • Verein Jugendblasorchester Thum (Thum Youth Brass Band)
  • Musikverein Meinersdorf (Music Society Meinersdorf)
  • Insel e.V.
  • National scholarship program of Technische Universität Chemnitz
  • Friend´s association of Municipal Theaters Chemnitz (Städtische Theater Chemnitz)
  • Friend´s association of Chemnitz Museum of Industry
  • Friend´s association of University of Cooperative Enducation Glauchau

Many of our employees and their children are actively involved in youth work in various organisations:

  • TSV Elektronik Gornsdorf, football and table tennis section
  • SV Tanne Thalheim, football section (click here for further information)
  • Thalheim wrestling club,
  • SV Auerbach 05 e.V., football and judo section
  • Hormersdorf sports club
  • LV 90 Erzgebirge e.V. light athletics club
  • Skisportverein Geyer e.V. (Geyer Ski Club)

Apart from this, we donate the proceeds from our Christmas tombola to worthy causes and conduct fundraising collections every year.

2012: We supported the Gornsdorf municipal sports ground and the building of the funpark in Burkhardtsdorf.

2013: We gave our support to the Gornsdorf day-care centre (renewal of the heating plant) during the relief of the flood water damage as well as the Geyer ski club (renovation of the ski jump facility).

2015, 2017: Support was given to the International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Chmnitz.

2015: 13 child/youth organisations from Saxony were involved in our Calender project 2016. As a quid pro quo we supported them all with a sponsorship.

2016, 2017: We have decided to forego the printing and mailing of conventional printed Christmas cards. Instead, we made a donation of EUR 8,000 to the local authority here in Gornsdorf to purchase furniture and equipment for the newly built primary school, because we believe that children are our future.

To the spirit of cooperation!