Why KSG?

Good reasons for working with us. Again and again.

Why should you decide on KSG? There are many reasons for the choice of a supplier. People often think the price is the decisive factor. We of course strive to achieve comfortable prices with all our customers. Prices with which you can well live with - and we too. Indeed, we are convinced that the true basis for a long term collaboration goes deeper. A good supplier has to be predictable - the customer must be able to rely on the correct quantity being delivered in first-class quality at the agreed point in time. That means always and with no exceptions. It goes without saying that our products must function flawlessly in the customer's production. Every time. And a good supplier is orientated to the long term. Which is why we say: “We will still be there for you tomorrow.” A good feeling. For ourselves and for our customers. This is the sense in which we want to be a good supplier to our customers. Always and everywhere.

You can be sure to have chosen the right supplier in KSG.

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Continuity and stability
Professional competence
Customer focus

We will still be there for you tomorrow.

KSG is a family business. With all the values which characterise German family-owned companies. Solid structures. Personal responsibility of the owners. A secure equity position. And just so the passion. The passion for the company and the products we deliver which have grown from tradition and will be guided with innovations into the future. 

Passion comes from people. The KSG shareholders are at the same time principal shareholders of a company which has generated an annual turnover of over a billion euros as global market leader in its field. To do this requires decades of entrepreneurial and commercial experience. The secure equity position of KSG is overproportionately high. Thus the company has been and is in the position to invest, to expand and to develop its products further. In good times as in bad.

Significant portions of the profits are constantly being reinvested in the company. To continuously improve the processes and to advance expansion. For the shareholders and company management that goes without saying. Profit is not the engine that drives us. Rather the good feeling of guiding a good company into a good future.

Head and heart go hand in hand at KSG.

Our company's management team is staffed with top class experts. Their intelligent minds are also involved in the economy outwith our company and their expert knowledge is held in high regard. Picture the high level of professionalism of our staff - the CVs which we present to you on this website convey an impressive image.

A company is only as strong as the people associated with it. Ever since the shareholders have been leading the company with compassion and professionalism, KSG has seen its annual turnover increase by an average of 25 percent each year. A powerful performance!

Besides this, an active advisory board supports the executive in all business issues. Expertise and professionalism go hand in hand here, too:

Advisory board members:

Dr. Gereon Mertens

  • Former member of the board of Metallgesellschaft AG (now GEA AG)
  • Now business advisor (strategy, organisation and financial consulting)


Dr. Harald Grübel

  • Head of Production at EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG


Prof. Dr. Marc-Michael Bergfeld

  • Professor of Global Family Firms, Munich Business School

and the shareholder advisory board

Dr. Thomas Lindner

  • Managing partner with unlimited liability at Groz-Beckert

Dr. Wolfgang Felten

  • Commercial lawyer, businessman

We don't just supply our customers. We work with them.

We are there for them. A lot of companies say that. But what does it mean in practice? How can the purchaser gauge us? How does he or she know they've chosen the right supplier? Predictability and the long term are important criteria for this. But also good joint collaboration. The personal and the interpersonal. We're on the spot for our customers. We speak your language. In this regard we are not merely order completers but also “solution providers”. In close collaboration we configure the processes with you - from product development through design to after sales. For cost reduction and functionality right from the start. Without loss of time and with clear communication. Face to face.

As an additional service, your very own special “task force” will be at your side: small teams of specialists to be called upon any time. Should there be any questions or problems with the development or processing of products then these specialists will be on the spot next day. For professional results. Without a hitch.

And we work not only for your current products but also for your products of the future: our research and development department concentrates on solutions that perhaps even tomorrow will lead to a sustained increase in customer benefits and significantly reduced costs. This way, you stand with us at the sharp end of promising future developments.

Our awards speak for themselves. And for ourselves.

We are delighted that our professional competence is also being recognised by the third side: